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Topwater Charlie

Blackwater Baits CompanyTopwater Charlie is truly big fish bait!  Designed to create a lot of noise on the surface, don't hesitate to fish this lure in deep water and heavy cover.  Topwater Charlie can be worked fast or slow, you can buzz it across the surface like a buzz bait or rip it, jerk it, stop it or simply move it slowly across the water and the blades will still work, making this one of your most versatile bass lures.

Weight: 3/4 oz          Length: 4 inches

L'il Pete

Blackwater Baits CompanyOur L'il Pete lure is smaller than the Topwater Charlie, L'il Pete stands out with its big-fish-catching action.  The smaller blade moves less water, but L'il Pete makes plenty of noise to draw strikes even when fish are less active during the middle of the day.  Cast this lure on target, then move it slowly, pulling it with short jerks and stopping it from time to time

But don't think you have to fish L'il Pete slow all the time  --  ripping it can bring explosive strikes too!

Weigth: 1/2 oz            Length: 3 inches

River Ripper

Blackwater Baits CompanyRiver Ripper is a great light-tackle lure with propellers on both ends.  River Ripper is designed for fishing in the blackwater rivers and creeks of the South.  Cast this slim guy against the bank, give it a couple of short twitches and hold on!  River bass can't stay away from it.

River Ripper has also been deadly for years on smallmouth bass in the rocky reservoirs of the Tennessee River Valley and the for redfish/snook in Florida.  Rip it fast and watch a smallie smash it!

Weight: 3/8 oz           Length: 3 1/2 inches

Joe's Special

Our Joe's Special lure pops, spits, sputters, skidders and splashes ... and catches all kinds of light-tackle game fish!  If you haven't seen how Bass and other surface-feeding game fish strike a popper with explosive force, then you're a fisherman who needs a popper in his tackle box!  Joe's Special can be fished just about any way you want  -- fish it fast or slow.  Twitch it!  Chug it! Jump it!  There simply is no wrong way to fish a popper.

Give Joe's Special a try.  You won't be disappointed!

Weight: 1/2 oz      Length: 3 inches




L'il Johnny

This little bait has turned out to be a favorite with a lot of summer time fishermen all over the country. When the water warms up in late summer, bass like to find a cool shady place around thick cover that’s loaded with small bait fish. One of the most effective ways to fish this little bait is to make a cast close to the cover, let it sit for a few seconds, move it 6’’ at a time and then stopping it. It is also a great lure for all you light line fishermen looking for a wood lure to cast on ultra light tackle.  This lure has counter rotating blades on it so it rides upright without turning over.

Weight: 3/8 oz           Length: 2 1/2 inches



Here's a blast from the past. This little bait has been catching fish for many years. Like other wooden lures, when plastic came along some of the old great lures went away. We are trying to bring them back. At rest it floats with the tail down. This lure can be fished fast or very slow. Only the slightest twitch will drive fish wild.

Weight: 3/8 oz           Length: 2 3/4 inches

Baby Charlie

As we all know big bait big fish, well something to think about, little bait more fish. This little lure is a small version of the Topwater Charlie. Top water bass fishermen love this bait on days with no wind because of its size you can make long cast and have the  lure lands softly. Calm days you need a small bait. It is also the perfect lure to use for ultralight fishing  for trout and redfish on the flats and around the mangroves.

Weight: 3/8 oz           Length: 3 inches


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