Blackwater Bait's Bass Lures - History & Background

Blue Cypress Lake, Florida ... 
Where Blackwater Baits Bass Lures Were Born!
Welcome to Blackwater Bait Company

Our lures are designed to catch fish – not fishermen – wood lures
 manufactured by Blackwater Bait Co. are handmade 
and painted, using the finest components available.  For 100 years, the most productive fishing lures
 – the Dalton Special, Creek Chub and many more
 old bass lure favorites – have been made of wood.

That's still true today! 

However, modern manufacturing processes 
and the introduction of plastic in today's bass lure-making
 quickly overtook wooden lures in terms of cost 
in manufacturing.  Advances in automation further 
reduced the cost of building lures.

Today, experienced bass anglers – both freshwater and saltwater – still use lures made of plastic, but many have found the lures of days gone by – namely, wooden lures – 
out-perform their plastic counterparts.

At Blackwater Bait Company we make the finest lures money can buy, striving to bring back the lures of long ago, with today's finest hooks, hardware and finishes.



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