Like most outdoorsmen, we enjoy duck hunting just as much as fishing. Having a hard time finding duck calls that had the right tone and could hold up to harsh weather conditions, we decided to use our wood turning expertise to make the perfect duck call. Using some of the finest woods and materials, we are pleased to introduce these world-class duck calls. These duck calls are hand carved and are unique.

Give them a try, you will be impressed!

100 Series - Made from maple and cherry with the right duck tone at the right price $39.99

200 Series - A selection of fine woods with a special finish to make them waterproof $49.99

300 Series - Rare woods from around the world for any true collector $59.99

400 Series - Teal and pintail whistle at a reasonable price $19.99

500 Series - Dying rabbit call for bringing in those predators $19.99


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